Requires Acquired Taste

Ok. Firstly making a blog on word-press is surprisingly far easier than searching for one so after giving up on searching for the student voyeur I decided to put this one up on rb911.

Since this blog will only be dedicated to entertainment alone (films to be precise) I would like to start-up with something not so hardcore. RA.ONE- As the title of the post suggests this one really does require an acquired taste.After months of publicizing the fuck out of this superhero/sci-fi cum typical hindi cinema melodrama this one finally world premiers on Diwali. What i was really skeptical about was the hype.It’s generally seen that an overtly talked about film will never really live up to the expectations of the audience and that is what exactly happens with this one.One smart thing that a movie goer can do is to wait for a couple of days before planning to spend on the cash for this one.Exactly what i did. Waited,not for the critics review but for the actual word of mouth point of views.

It’s and bit of Terminator, a bit of spy kids, a bit of Tron legacy, a bit of some other superhero flick that i cant think of and a hell lot of exactly what you expect from a SRK potboiler. The protagonist creates a video game where the villain never loses and somehow the characters of the game come out in real life and what follows is for you to see…

This one, my dear friends of both the sexes, is possibly the most sound and to the point superhero/sci-fi flick that hindi cinema has seen till date(yes,i am going to take the chance of calling it a tad better than even ROBOT). But that is only on the account of the special effects.

One of the only reasons why i probably liked it would be because i didn’t really expect a hell lot from it(All my friends had already dissed the fuck out of this shit).

I wouldn’t really not know how different it was in 3D because i didn’t see it in 3D in fact it is very idiotic to watch a film in 3D when the film itself was never even shot in that format and a cheap little conversion of the format doesn’t really make a difference in the experience.

Apart from a very groovy Akon number,the music or the background score wasn’t really great.The costumes and the SFX were top of the charts,in fact what i actually read in an article was that Ra.One had more SFX shots used than even Avatar,quite well done


This one at the end of it is a no brainer,it had to be after all it’s Shah Rukh Khan.With the last scene hinting at a sequel coming up,lets hope for something better.


Oh and btw,Kareena Kapoor is butt ugly and the kid fuck annoying(hate kids).

Author: Rishabh Banerji
Location: New Delhi

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